Wilwood Staging Hand Brake With Master Cylinder Kit

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Wilwood Staging Hand Brake With Master Cylinder includes the below items:

Wilwood handbrake lever assemblies provide a lightweight, high-leverage component for drift cars, drag race cars and rally cars or any application where hand-actuation of one or more brake calipers is employed.

The Wilwood 260-15098 master cylinder features a lightweight aluminum construction and offers consistent, reliable stopping power for a variety of applications from drag racing to off-roading. Utilizing standard OEM internal components for dependability, this Wilwood brake master cylinder features a high-pressure, e-coated aluminum body and integral cylinders with a positive-seal internal bellows cap. The included return spring and piston assembly have been refined to ensure positive pressure control and complete release. Other features of the Wilwood GS compact master cylinder include a ¾-inch bore size, a 1.5-ounce reservoir, and a single outlet.

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