Golden Eagle TRI-FLOW K20/K24 Fuel Rail Black

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K Series Tri-Flow Fuel rail is now available with 3 - A? inch Boss ports. The Golden Eagle Tri-Flow Fuel Rail has an added center port that can be used for multiple purposes. The Golden Eagle Tri-Flow Fuel Rail will accommodate a 6AN, 8AN or 10AN fuel port fittings that can be used to setup a dual-feed fuel system with a supply going into both ends of the rail and a center return.

This set up will provide equal and stable fuel supply without starvation.

Options available include any 3 - 3/4 Boss GE fittings manufactured or 1 Banjo fitting with any 2 - A? inch Boss Golden Eagle fittings manufactured per fuel rail. Listing of new fitting option descriptions A1 through A7 displayed below.