OBD2 B/D/H/F Immobilizer Delete

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Most Honda vehicles starting from 1996+ have a stock immobilizer engine system.  A part of this immobilizer chip is located in the ECU which will make it difficult to change the ECU. (i.e. for replacement with a Chipped ECU, replacement for Repair, temporary replacement for trouble shooting, etc ...)

To solve this problem, replace the immobilizer-board of the ECU with our Mobilizer Module for a secure aftermarket security system solution. With this the ECU will accept every Key with transponder (as long as the immobilizer unit under the dash sees the transponder, too).

If you want to use a key without transponder, you need to bypass the Immobilizer unit under the dash, too. This is easily done by shorting a relay.

At There are two different board installed in the ECU's. In the cars, build 1996-1999 it was the IMMO-A0 (see our other Product "Mobilizer-Board-A0") and in the cars build 1999-2001 the Board FX01, HIC1 or HCRL1. You can easy determine the two board from counting the pins. The IMMO-A0 has 10 pins and the FX01, HIC1 and HCRL has 12 pins.