Honeywell Q314A-CSC

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NG or LP Pilot Burner Replaces Honeywell Q314A4586, Q314A-CSC


The Honeywell Q314ACSC PILOT BURNER ASSEMBLY W/F TIP is used with the following product series: Honeywell AC Commercial High Wall Furnace(Q66),Honeywell TF Series Furnaces and Heaters,Honeywell AR Series Furnaces and Heaters,Honeywell BHT-900 Series Furnaces and Heaters,Honeywell BHT-1000 Series Furnaces and Heaters,Honeywell BHT-2000 Series Furnaces and Heaters,Honeywell DT9100D2 Furnace.

The Honeywell MASTERBURNER? 50 Series Burner Assembly includes a TIP (Thermal Ignitor Pilot) specifically designed for the gas heaters and gas furnaces manufactured by Honeywell International, Inc and used domestically in the United States of America. The PILOT BURNER ASSEMBLY W/F TIP is one assembly out of the many MASTERBURNER? 50 Series Burner Assemblies that fit into the Honeywell Gas Furnace.

The PILOT BURNER ASSEMBLY W/FR TIP for Honeywell CF300 and CF310 in-wall gas fireplace log sets.

The Honeywell Q314ACSC pilot burner assembly w/f tip is designed for use with the following air conditioning units: Honeywell Ti22CX-B, Ti36CX-B, and Ti36CX-B-N Air Conditioning Units.

The Pilot Burner Assembly W/Tip is a replacement part for use with your HVAC system. If you need need a burner assembly, this is the product you need and will work perfectly with a wide range of Honeywell heaters. It is built to optimal quality using heat-resistant materials and boasts an easy-to-use design.

The Pilot Burner Assembly with Flame Tip consists of a flame diffuser, an adjustable pilot burner assembly mounted on a square base, and an injection molded flame arrestor tip that is attached to the injector tube. The pilot burner is thermally protected and sits on top of the square base. This assembly can be used on furnace models: HCEEB, HCENB, GCBNB, GCBW16D0WW, GCBW16D1WW, HPBNB, HPWB20D3WW, SCEBF16D0AWW & SPWB18D122W

Honeywell Pilot Burner Assembly with Flame Tip. Used in many models of Honeywell and other brand hvac furnaces.