Honeywell AQ25542B

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Honeywell Aquatrol Zoning Expansion Panel 4 Zones

Model: AQ25542B Item Number: 33946

Overview for Honeywell AQ25542B

The Honeywell AQ25542B Aquatrol Zoning Expansion Panel works with AQ2000 Boiler Control Panels and AQ1000 Communicating Thermostats to control up to 4 space heating zones. Can be combined with additional expansion zoning panels and an AQ2000 control panel for a total of 16 space heating zones.
  • Honeywell Home-Resideo AQ25542B Features
  • AQ257 for zoning with zone valves with end switches
  • Auto test function to test zones at system start up. It allows for operator controlled testing of zones; includes pause/restart capability
  • LED lights for visual diagnostic of zone operation
  • Allows zoning with either "Normally Open" or "Normally Closed" zone valves
  • Adjacent zoning panels can operate different zone equipment - one panel may control 4 pumps while another may control 4 zone valves
  • Easily switch from zone valves to pumps with same zoning module - just flip one DIP switch. Ensure correct voltage is applied to all zone equipment on a panel (120 Vac for pumps, 24 Vac for valves)
  • R-C transformer and B-B data bus terminal connections (network communication) for easy expansion
  • Zones can be set to energize a group pump via Aux Out dry contacts on main control or expansion panel
  • Zone synchronization through Zone of Greatest Demand control
  • 38 VA Transformer with self-resetting electronic fuse