Honeywell AQ25110B

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Aquatrol boiler reset control panel used in zoned hydronic systems

Overview :

Honeywell AQ251 AQUATROL boiler reset controls for single temperature, residential hydronic heating systems, provide energy-efficient outdoor-temperature compensated control to convert single zone heating sysem or upgrade relay-logic zoning systems.

Features :

0 to 10 Vdc modulating output for driving a modulating/condensing boiler
Displays outdoor temperature on all AQ1000 thermostats when used with the included AQ12C10 outdoor sensor
Customizable control settings allow for greater control and comfort
Intuitive and accessible programming interface and central program of zone set points and setback
Zoning control for up to four zones and can be up to 64 zones using expansion panels
Boiler short cycling protection, boiler post purge and boiler shock prevent from cold water returning to boiler
Domestic hot water priority and priority override protection, as well as an automated test and purge feature
Test and purge feature for quick start-up and simplified troubleshooting

Product Specifications :

Application: Boiler reset control for hydronic zoning system
Dimensions (in.): 13 in wide x 8 in. high x 3 3/8 in deep
Dimensions (mm): 33 cm wide x 20.3 cm high x 8.5 cm deep
Operating Humidity Range (% RH): 5 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association: CSA C/US Certified to CSA and UL Standards, File No. LR76030